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Treatment & Procedures

Treatment & Procedures

Besides the daily challenges, people might encounter various psychiatric/ psychological conditions which might upset the normal living if untreated. Some of common psychiatric illnesses are Depression, Eating disorders, Sleep Disturbances, Emotional disorders, Addictions (Alcohol/ Tobacco/ Illicit drugs/ Internet) and various anxiety disorders including Phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Panic Disorders as well as Childhood developmental disorders.

KMC Hospital has specialized team of professionals including Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatric social work to cater to the above requirements. Clinical Psychologists are trained to deal with various psychological assessments and Psychotherapies. Psychological assessments are done for accurate diagnosis of psychiatric illnesses, understanding the academic performance, making personality profiles, predicting the aptitude and career interest, understanding poor coping at work, screening for Memory and Neuropsychological functions. Major psychotherapies including Evidence based cognitive behavioral therapy, Couple/ Marital/ Sex therapies, family therapy, Cognitive retraining, Relaxation training, Behavior therapy, Mindfulness based cognitive therapy and Remedial training are being provided. Psychiatric social work services involves Counseling, Family therapy, Suicide prevention counseling, De-addiction counseling and HIV/ AIDS supportive counseling etc.


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