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Treatment & Procedures

Treatment & Procedures

The state of the art KMC Hospital Blood Bank started functioning on Oct 2nd, 1991. It has 4 blood storage refrigerators which have a storage capacity of over 1500 units of blood.

Some highlights of the blood bank are:

  • First blood bank in Mangalore recognized as Zonal blood testing center for HIV by the Director General of Health Services, New Delhi and the Karnataka State Aids Prevention Society
  • First component separation unit available throughout the district
  • First blood bank to state of the art “Gel Technology” for cross matching thereby improving the patient safety in transfusion practice.
  • Conducting at least 30 to 35 voluntary blood donation camps every year. We have been quite successful in creating awareness among the public about voluntary blood donation and the dreaded HIV and also other sexually transmitted diseases.


KMC Hospital Blood Bank renders round the clock services geared to deliver excellent and efficient patient care: from the simple tests for malaria, grouping and cross matching to the more complex tests for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, RPR tests for syphilis.

All blood collected through donation is checked for HIV, HBs Ag, HCV, RPR, malaria, grouping and cross matching mandatory for safe blood transfusion. In exceptional cases like thalassemia and hemophilia, where the patient requires regular blood transfusion, our blood bank provides 100% subsidy.

Licenses and Certificates : NABH accreditation, FDI License

Equipment: Besides the mandatory requirements & instruments, KMC Hospital Blood Bank has state of the art equipment such as

1. Cryofuge 6000 i component separator: Different components like platelets, plasma and packed cells are separated. It is a temperature- controlled, microprocessor – based and programmable laboratory centrifuge with refrigeration for universal use in large blood banks.
2. Platelet Agitators: instrument in which platelets can be stored for 5days at 22 to 24° C under constant agitation; provides a digital display of temperature and weekly temperature thermograph.
3. -85° C ultra low freezer: Fresh frozen plasma is stored in this, with a shelf life of 1 year and it has a digital display of temperature.
4. -40° C plasma freezer for storing single donor plasma: has a digital display of temperature and weekly temperature.
5. Blood Bag Refrigerators: we have 4 refrigerators to store whole blood & packed cells with capacity to store around 300 units of blood each. Each has a digital display of temperature, weekly temperature recorder chart and alarm.
6. Laminar Flow: To maintain sterility while preparing components; has an ultra violet light which keeps the whole blood in sterile condition.
7. Cryobath: It is a temperature controlled water bath which is used to thaw FFP at 37° C and cryoprecipitate at 4°C. It has an alarm and a digital temperature display.
9. Automated micro plate Washer/ Reader used in Elisa testing
10. Blood collection monitors with digital display to collect exact volume of blood and proper mixing.
11. Automated cross matching by gel technology: Comprising of a calibrated centrifuge, incubator and specifically designed gel cards for cross matching.


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