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Treatment & Procedures

Treatment & Procedures

The Department of Dermatology at KMC Manipal Hospital, Mangalore is equipped with the latest technologies and provides treatments for skin conditions, ranging from common acne to skin allergies. Various treatments are handled successfully by the immensely talented team of dermatologists and surgeons.

The lasers and lights which we have , aids the skin care treatments in such a subtle way , that remodelling of skin happens naturally ! This minimises the usage of strong creams , thereby improving patient compliance and making the journey towards healthy skin effortless.

Skin is a 'mirror' of the state of our inner wellness ( physiological as well as mental ). The state of the skin often tells us the systemic status of the patient - whether suffering from diabetes, hypertension, abnormalities of thyroid function, liver and renal disorders and so on. Very often, the clinical findings on skin precedes the systemic disorder by many months or sometimes even years. Therefore, it is important to undergo regular skin checkup, to anticipate and thereby prevent the development of any systemic medical illness.

Moles are present in each one of us. Many, want to retain them as a 'beauty spot' or an identity mark, but they can get cancerous. These changes can be identified with the help of a scope called a dermoscope. When malignant changes are noticed , excision at the earliest is the option. Our fractional Co2 laser helps in removing the mole , leaving no scar underneath. Therefore, a healthy body begins with healthy skin. Our department makes every effort to give you the best possible treatment in their comprehensive approach.


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