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Treatment & Procedures

Treatment & Procedures

The Department consists of dedicated and committed dietitians along with food service management, support staffs and dietary team so as to ensure safe and hygienic food is being provided to the patient and bystanders. Complimentary food is being given to all wards above semi-private category (semi-special, special, deluxe, AC rooms and ICU’s) and trolley food service to rest of wards i.e. economy and general wards. In house canteen caters to Outpatients and Bystanders.

    For Inpatients:

    The dietary department provides following services:
    • Room service
    • The patients are offered choice of food items based on the diet requirement suggested by Doctors. All efforts are made to provide special meals catering to patients in accordance with their disease conditions.
    • Individual nutritional assessment has been done to all patients.
    • Caters to International Patients.
    • On request or as prescribed individualized diet is framed and given to inpatients on discharge.
    • Various types of tubefeeds like RT, JJ, NJ is been provided along with diabetic, renal, post transplant, post operative diet, soft, clear, normal, high protein, high calorie diets etc.

      For Outpatients:

    • No two individuals are alike similarly taste and likes of each person differs from other so also the diets. Based on the eating habits, likes and dislikes individualized diets are framed so as to balance all the essential amounts of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
    • Dietitian not only plans diet as per disease condition but also frames diet for obese and underweight clients. She also educated on healthy eating habits and foods to be avoided.

      Other Activities of the Department:

    • Conducts talks at various firms and corporates on healthy eating habits including colleges and schools.
    • Participates on workshops and CME’s.
    • Trains diet interns.
    • Conducts public awareness talk for common public for specific group of patients like diabetes, obesity, childhood obesity, geriatric, kidney disease etc.

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