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Treatment & Procedures

Treatment & Procedures

Our joint replacement surgeries are also noted on the National Joint Registry database. Besides, we have established best practice standards by monitoring outcomes with internationally used Scoring Systems that make it possible to rate and compare with the foremost institutions in the world. We use Enhanced Recovery for all elective surgeries. Modern techniques allow for patients to stand up and walk the same day of their operation. This reduces complications, makes way for faster return to activities and better results as well as a significant reduction of treatment cost.

We are also a referral centre for complicated and re-do joint surgeries with our consultants having expertise in treating post-surgical problems. We aim to build a strong network with colleagues who refer patients to us so that post-surgical follow-up can be carried out in the periphery, thereby serving the patient comprehensively.

Sports injuries are a less understood concept. These kind of injuries can also occur even to common people due to walking on irregular road surfaces. We have availability of a range of services and treatments for these often innocuous injuries.


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