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Treatment & Procedures

Treatment & Procedures

The Neurology Department offers state of the art technology for various emergency situations like management of Stroke, Epilepsy, Headache, Cranio facial pain, Neuro muscular disorders, Neuro infections, Neuro demyelinating disorders, Behavioural Neurology etc. The unit offers all the latest investigations like: Nerve Conduction Study, EMG, Evoked Potential (VEP, SSEP, BAER), Repetitive Nerve Stimulation Test , Transcranial Doppler etc.

The Neurosurgery department conducts about 1500 major Neurosurgical operations every year. The unit is supported by the following facilities:

  • A full fledged Neuro OT that is equipped with state of the art Operative Microscopes, Microsurgical Instruments, Neuro Endoscope and the Laminar Flow System
  • 6 bedded Neuro Intensive Care Unit
  • Neuro trauma unit equipped with ICP monitoring and special programmers for Spinal injuries
  • Brain attack unit with well prepared team to cater to all varieties of brain attack, IV & Intra arterial thrombolysis, Neuro rehabilitation unit dedicated to improve the functional ability of Neurological patients.
  • Management of Head injury
  • Spine Surgery
  • Aneurysmal Surgery
  • Base of Skull Surgery
  • Management of Intracranial Tumors

Interventional Neuroradiology & Vascular Interventions

Neurovascular Diseases: Brain Aneurysm Coiling, Arteriovenous Malformation Blockage, Treatment of Non-Hemorrhagic Stroke if the patient reaches the hospital within 3-4 hours (golden period), Carotid Artery stenting for Narrowed vessels, Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombolysis.

Peripheral Vascular Diseases: Blocking of Bleeding Vessels in Blood Coughing / Vomiting, Chemoembolization for Inoperable Liver Cancer, TIPS for Cirrhosis with Portal Hypertension & Recurrent Variceal Bleeds & Fluid in Abdomen, Varicose Veins Laser/RF Ablation, Selective Uterine Fibroid Embolization (menorrhagia & infertility), Angioplasty & Stenting of Blocked Leg Blood Vessels, Varicocele Blockage, Vertebroplasty for Vertebral Collapse.


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