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Treatment & Procedures

Treatment & Procedures

Spine surgery is often delicate and complex. Our surgeons have one of the highest success rates for even the most complex procedures. They are skilled in the latest minimally invasive techniques that are associated with less post-operative pain and a faster recovery. At the hands of a skilled and experienced surgeon, the benefits of surgical treatment usually far outweigh the risks. Whatever your diagnosis, our specialists are dedicated to restoring your function and relieving pain to the highest possible level by applying their knowledge and skills.

Services Available:

  • OPD Services / Back Pain Clinic & Back Care Clinic
  • Emergency Spine Services
  • Spine deformity correction both pediatric and adult
  • Micro, endoscopic spine surgeries
  • Minimally invasive spine surgery and stabilization
  • Cervical and cranio-vertebral surgeries
  • Degenerative spine surgeries
  • Surgeries for traumatic spine and infective spine
  • Revision spine surgeries
  • Spine trauma management
  • Spine rehabilitation for paraplegics and quadriplegics
  • Spine oncology

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